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P.G. s.n.c.

P.G. s.n.c.

P.G. s.n.c. is specialised in the sector of fixtures and in the metallic carpentry and it has been boasted since 2003 an experience of many years of high professionalism and certification UNI EN 1090 method 3A and 3B. We collaborate with the best italian and foreign firms for the supply of products and services of good quality, conjugating the artisan culture with the most modern technologies of manufacturing, in the respect of your necessities and of current legislation about energetic saving.

Our proposals are turned to your satisfaction and our only objective is te realization of the same with the maximum transparency, honesty and fairness. You will always have available our staff that will follow you in every step with professionalism, kindness and brightness.

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P.G. s.n.c. P.G. s.n.c. Aluminium fixtures and metallic constructions. P.G. s.n.c. has been conjugated a typical culture of artisan quality with the modern technologies. It's a young, dynamic firm and it boasts an experience of many years in the sector of fixture and in the carpentry; in continuous updating on the evolutions that the market proposes in pratical and technical field and of energetic saving, it offers products and services of high quality to its own customers. infoshare  /    

Via A. Zanibelli, 18 - 37064 Povegliano (VR)   |   |   Tel. 045 63 50 730 - Fax 045 63 59 728   |   P. IVA 03278790237